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If you are having problems with Writer's Workbench that are not covered here, please let us know by filling out our Feedback Form with as much detail as possible.  We'll get the fix posted here as soon as possible.

Please read through our "Symptoms" or "Situations" or "Questions" to find that which most accurately describes your problem.

  1. Symptom - Microsoft Word has security issues with the Writer's Workbench program.
    How to avoid the security warning displayed when starting Writer's Workbench (Tutorial included)

  2. Symptom - Using Word 2016, the composition periodically disappears although the document is still open.
    A work-around for a Word 2016 bug for "Plug-In's" like WWB (Tutorial included)

  3. Symptom - A "Cannot Find Microsoft Word" error message is displayed when double-clicking on the Writer's Workbench icon.
    Modify our sample shortcut to point to WinWord.exe installed in non-standard location (Tutorial included)

  4. Situation - I am installing Writer's Workbench in a writing lab and would like to learn more about configuration, temporary file, and how to implement the Writer's Workbench "log analysis" feature.
    Technical details about Writer's Workbench setup, operation, and how to implement the "Log Analysis" feature

  5. Situation - I have installed WWB on a network server and WordUse and the WWB Help is not working correctly
    Viewing WWB Help and WWB WordUse with Writer's Workbench installed on a Network Server

  6. Situation - I am a technician in charge of a writing lab.  When new students use Writer's Workbench on a given computer, they are prompted to enable macros.  As this step can be confusing to students (and teachers), I would like to eliminate the need for students to enable Word Macros.
    Two ways to eliminate the "Enable Macros" warning when multiple users use the same computer

  7. Situation - I would like the Writer's Workbench Ribbon (or Toolbar for earlier versions of Word) to be available whenever I invoke Microsoft Word. (WWB 8.5 or later required)
    How to configure Word so that Writer's Workbench is always available

  8. Situation - I am now using Word 2007 or or later version and would like to learn about the differences in using WWB in newer versions of Word.
    Using Writer's Workbench with ribbons as opposed to toolbars

  9. Question - What keyboard shortcuts are available in Writer's Workbench?
    Writer's Workbench Keyboard Shortcuts

  10. Situation - I am using more than one version of Microsoft Word (Office) on my computer and whenever I open an alternate version of Word, a "Configuration Process" dialog is displayed for a couple of minutes. (The fix requires modifying Windows' registry.)
    Modify Word's Registry entry to eliminate the "Configuration Process" dialog

  11. Situation - I have upgraded to the 64 bit version of Word 2007 or Word 2010 (Office) and would like to upgrade to the latest WWB release (now compatible with 64-bit Word).
    Order upgrade to Writer's Workbench latest release - U.S. Customers or Non-U.S. Customers

  12. Symptom - An error message is displayed when I first click on the WWB icon or when trying to analyze some of the analyses.
    The Windows Indexing is turned off on the wwbtmp folder or the hard drive is compressed (Tutorial included)

  13. Symptom: Word 2010: The "Save" option is set to .doc or one of the other alternate default save options.  As a result, the WWB Analysis Ribbon is not displaying and there are other problems.
    Request a fix for the problem with the "Save" compatibility problem with Word 2010

  14. Question - What formulas are used when calculating Writer's Workbench Style Sheet readability scores?
    Writer's Workbench Readability Scores' Formulae

  15. Symptom - Using Word 2007, when I exit Word, with or without entering through the WWB icon, I get an error message, "Microsoft Word has stopped working -Windows is checking for a solution to the problem..."
    Corrupted Registry Setting for Word 2007

  16. Symptom - I get a Run-time error 5560 message when I try to analyze my composition.  I am using Windows with a language other than U.S. English
    Regional Settings for U.S. English

  17. Symptom - The analysis is occasionally displayed behind the composition.
    Analysis displayed behind composition

  18. Symptom - The Writer's Workbench Toolbar is no longer displayed when I double-click on the WWB icon (Word 2003 or earlier) or the "Add-Ins" tab is no longer displayed (Word 2007 or later)
    Recovering Templates and Add-Ins after Word crashes

  19. Situation - I upgraded to Vista or Windows 7 and am using Word 2007 or Word 2010 and the Writer's Workbench ribbon is no longer available
    How to enable Writer's Workbench after upgrading to Windows Vista or Windows 7

  20. Symptom - When I insert the Writer's Workbench CD, I get a "Class not registered" error.
    Microsoft Word (or Microsoft Office) is not installed

  21. Symptom - When I open the Writer's Workbench video tutorials, I get an Active Content warning in Internet Explorer.
    Active Content disabled in Internet Explorer

  22. Symptom - I get an incomplete Style sheet in the "Characteristics - Style Statistics" analysis and nonsense in the "Punctuation - Possible Fragments and Long Sentences" analysis. (hopefully provided only for old versions of Writer's Workbench)
    "Characteristics - Style Statistics" and Punctuation - "Possible Fragments and Long Sentences" Problem

  23. Symptom - I have compressed my hard drive to save space and some of the Writer's Workbench analyses do not run properly.
    Using Writer's Workbench on a compressed hard drive

  24. Situation - I'm writing a book or long composition that has more that 100 paragraphs and would like to use Writer's Workbench to analyze my work.
    Using Writer's Workbench to analyze large documents

  25. Symptom - When I run the "Organization and Development" analysis set, it does not find any of my paragraphs.  Certain other Writer's Workbench programs are not accurately analyzing my writing.
    Using Word Wrap in Microsoft Word

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